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Feltain Élagage & Abattage

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Feltain Élagage & Abattage


39 Chem. du Parc Entree 2
Lespinasse Occitanie 31150


05 82 95 37 00

Tree services in Lespinasse, Occitanie
Pruning is an operation that consists of cutting certain dead or living branches (limbing) from a tree to direct or limit its development1. The term pruning is also used for ornamental arboriculture. A distinction is made between silvicultural pruning, fruit pruning and ornamental pruning.

Pruning can also be a natural biological process that involves the abandonment of branches or a part of the crown (crown descend) in order to maximize the tree's energy and resources. This is called natural pruning. It can be understood as a process of selection of the branches of a tree without human intervention, due to climatic events, by lack of light or water, and/or by the action of specialized saprophytic fungi.


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Lespinasse or de Lespinasse may refer to: Lespinasse (restaurant), a former restaurant in Manhattan, New York Lespinasse, Haute-Garonne, France == People == Augustin de Lespinasse (1737–1816), French military leader Ernest Lespinasse (1897–1927), French Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Lespinasse (1888–c.

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