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Perth Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Best Wood Fired Bricks Pizza Ovens in Perth


Perth Wood Fired Pizza Ovens


3 Redcliffe Rd,
Redcliffe Western Australia 6104


0476 649 371

Perth Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Located in Redcliffe, Western Australia, we are passionate about crafting quality wood fired pizza ovens for you and your family to enjoy. All of our Brick wood-fired ovens are made in our backyard using locally sourced materials. These ovens are made to order, and can be picked up as a kit or delivered and rendered on-site. We hope you enjoy your Pizza Oven in Perth as much as we do ours, creating delicious homemade pizzas, roast meats and all sorts of wholesome food. All wood fired stoves are made locally in Redcliffe. Western Australia. Insulation is ceramic blanket and board and materials are refractory castable and refractory bricks. Guaranteed to hold heat.


About Redcliffe

Redcliffe is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located in the City of Belmont local government area. The boundaries of the suburb are determined by the Great Eastern Highway, Tonkin Highway and Epsom Avenue, Belmont, and the grounds of the Perth International Airport which lie on the eastern edge of the suburb. The story of its name is ambiguous: while some claim it was named after steep red clay deposits that lined the banks of the Swan River when settlers first arrived, others claim that it was named after the ancestral home of an early settler. The suburb was once a single property near modern-day Water Street and the main house, "Nulsen Haven" still stands today. The local primary school was built in 1908 and at this time, Redcliffe had been transformed from one property into many small farms after being subdivided in 1897.

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